2012 iLead Institute: Tools for Innovative LeadersA Three Day Workshop for Educational Leaders.

The iLead Institute is designed to provide school leaders with the skills, knowledge and expertise to prepare their educational community for the 21st century. The iLead program prepares school-based instructional leaders to meet the needs, challenges and demands of the modern day educational environment by incorporating the latest information technology practices into their daily routines. This program recognizes the rewards of leading a 21st century school into the future by guiding them in promoting the effective integration of technology into their classrooms and provide them with the technology skills to view, manipulate and analyze data to better inform their decision making process.

Round 1:
Session 1- Leading with 21st Century Tools
Develop skills and use tools to create a vision of a 21st Century School that will enhance leading and learning in your school. Participants will get a Macbook Laptop. Provide participants with the skill and ability to use their devices as a ubiquitous tool for all organizational/administrative needs.
May 10, 2012

Session 2 - Enhance your Leadership Potential with the iPad
This workshop will provide participants with the ability to integrate iPad technology into their practice in order to become a more efficient school leader. Participants will discover what essential educational apps are available and how they can be used in classroom instruction as well as apps that can be used for increasing productivity.
May 17, 2012

Session 3- Streamlining 21st Century Instructional Leadership: Communication and Collaboration
The best way to learn the impact of 21st century tools is to use the tools, stay connected with innovative educators and share your vision for upgrading schools.In this workshop participants you will explore Google Apps that have a powerful impact on teaching and learning.You will align your vision for 21st century school leadership with the NETS and examine practical tools to start making that vision a reality.

May 24, 2012