Summer 2012



A Series of Summer Institutes for Innovative Educators

The Office of Educational Technology presents Technology21: A Series of Summer Institutes for Educators of the 21st century.
Technology21 is unlike any professional development you have ever attended. Participants will be immersed with the latest technologies for immediate deployment in your classroom. In addition, at Technology21, you can meet educators from all over the tri-state area from Public and Private schools as well as forward-thinking administrators. This chance to learn will allow you to build a network of like-minded colleagues with whom you can brainstorm and learn.

Course Title & Agenda

Date & Time



Flipping Out withh Digital Media:
Classroom shifts for the New School Year
July 10, 11

9am - 2pm

w/ zi8 cameras
20 people
(training rate)
415 89th Street
Flipped instruction today is defined by a
teacher’s willingness to help students learn how/when they see fit,
release control of the classroom experience, and engage in a
process of finding the best way to reach and respond to students individually. The appropriate medium to convey information beyond class (videos, podcasts,
worksheets, books, articles, etc) is selected
based on content, community needs & teaching style.

Using Wacom Tablets for Instruction in Media Arts
July 12
415 89th Street
Learn how to use Wacom Tablets in the classroom to
inspire creativity in students prepare them for 21st century careers.

Challenge Based Learning: Take Action, Make a Difference
July 30 & 31
(2 days)
2 days
9am - 2pm

25 pp
w/zi8 cameras
415 89th Street
Participants will gain a deeper insight into the design principles for 21st Century teaching and learning, clearly outlined by the
ACOT2 research project, and further demonstrated by "Challenge
Based Learning." Challenge based learning is a multidisciplinary, collaborative learning experience in which teachers and students
work together to learn about compelling issues, propose
solutions to real problems, and take action. The approach asks
students to reflect on their learning, realize the impact of their actions, and publish their solutions to a worldwide audience.

iLead for Admin Summer 2012
July 24, July 31 & August 7
w/ipad, livescribe & macbook
20 pp
415 89th Street

Introduction to Interactive Books:
A Foundation for K-12 Educators
415 89th Street
Participants will explore free tools to create an
eBook and review open source
content.This is new to most educators, and
designing takes more than reformatting
and exporting a document in the ePub file format.
This eBook can be opened with
the iBook app on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.
In this session you will learn tocreate your
own digital books and viewthem on various devices.

iTouch Mobile Lesson Makeover:
Using Tablets to Present interactive and Compelling Content to students
August 8 & 9

9am - 2pm
415 89th Street
Participants will learn about the full potential
of tablets in the classroom as this workshop goes
beyond the basics of Content Apps.
In this workshop, we will explore 3 powerful
Interactive lesson Apps that make students not
just consumers, but a part of the lesson. We will explore
Nearpod,Socrative, and GoClass. Participants will learn how to
display content to students wirelessly and perform on the fly
assessments and customization.
Microsoft Innovated Educator 2 Day Training
July 9 & 10

20 pp
9am - 2pm
2 days
20 pp
415 89th Street
The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Program is designed for
teacher trainers and those who are responsible for training
educators on the integration of technology in the classroom. The goal is to provide training toward student-centered learning based on
authentic problems and projects while aligning to 21st Century Skills, NETS-S and Common Core Standards.