2012 iLead Institute: Tools for Innovative Leaders in the ArchdioceseA Two Day Workshop for Educational Leaders.

The iLead Institute is designed to provide school leaders with the skills, knowledge and expertise to prepare their educational community for the 21st century. The iLead program prepares school-based instructional leaders to meet the needs, challenges and demands of the modern day educational environment by incorporating the latest information technology practices into their daily routines. This program recognizes the rewards of leading a 21st century school into the future by guiding them in promoting the effective integration of technology into their classrooms and provide them with the technology skills to view, manipulate and analyze data to better inform their decision making process.

Day 1: Leading the Way: Leading Your School with the iPad
Participants will be emerged in the use of Appleā€™s iPad as a Mobile Administrators Toolbox. This first session will introduce participants to all the features of the iPad and the fantastic Native Apps. Administrators will have the opportunity to set up their accounts for a productive tablet experience. Apps in this session include iTunes, Mail, App store, etc.

Day 2: Utilizing the iPad as an Observation Tool
School Leaders will learn to utilize the iPad as an innovative observation tool. In this session, we will have hands on activities that showcase two powerful Apps to meet the needs of the Archdiocese Walkthrough Protocol. Apps in this session include Google Forms and Evernote.