iLead for Teachers

Common Core Toolkit for Elementary/Middle & High School Teachers

The Common Core Toolkit: A Teacher Leadership Institute:

Materials: Laptop

Date, Location & Times:
11/14 & 11/22 & 11/29
Bay Ridge Learning Center
415 89th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11209
Room 508
8:30AM -2:30 PM
Class Description: 3 sessions

The Common Core Toolkit: A Teacher Leadership Institute. Teachers will be given the resources and the skills, knowledge and expertise to prepare their educational community for the 21st century. The CCT: ATLI program prepares teacher leaders to meet the needs, challenges and demands of the modern day educational environment by incorporating the latest information technology practices into their daily routines. This program promotes effective integration of technology into their classrooms and provides them with the technology skills to implement the Common Core Standards and Danielson’s Framework for Teaching.

Round 1:
Session 1-Teaching with 21st Century Tools__Establishing A Culture for Learning: Who am I on the web, and what does my classroom look like on the web? Participants will develop skills and use tools to become a 21st Century Educational Leader. Enhance teaching and learning in your classroom by creating and sharing best practices in your school building. Participants will receive the appropriate hardware to become 21st century educators. They will be provided with the skills and ability to use their device to create and maintain a professional blog for collaboration and communication among professionals at NYCEDTECH's Common Core Community. Participants will also create a google site for instructional purposes. (PLC, blog for publishing, google site, delicious)
Session 2 – Using Web 2.0 Tools in the Classroom To Design Coherent InstructionThis workshop will provide participants with the ability to integrate appropriate digital tools into their daily practice in order to become more efficient educators. Participants will discover which web 2.0 tools will enhance their instruction and explore digital tools that are currently aligned to common core state standards. They will research and share effective tools. (align tools to units)... presentation tools (prezi, slideshare, glogster, infographic, tikatok, storybird)

Session 3-Teaching & Learning with 21st Century Tools_Engaging Students and Learning The best way to learn the impact of 21st century tools is to use the tools, to share your content, create activities and assignments as well as provide instructional materials and resources. Participants will use web based tools to create an exemplary project-based learning unit of study aligned to common core state standards.

Resources: P21, CCSS, NYC DOE teacher page for resources (teacher effectiveness, resources to guide PD work), Brian Mull workshop, tools for presentation (prezi, slideshare, glogster), tools for organization (symbaloo, livebinder).