Curriculum Mapping Category Questions

Essential Questions: What we want students to think about.

  1. Are the questions written in “kid friendly” language?
  2. Are these questions open-ended?
  3. Do these questions get at the heart of a big idea or major concept?
  4. Are these questions that student will find engaging?
  5. Does the question push students to higher levels of thinking?

Content: What we want students to know and understand

  1. Is the content detailed, succinct, clear and specific?
  2. Is the content specific enough for someone outside the discipline to understand how each concept will be approached?
  3. Does the content connect with the essential questions?

Skills: What we want students to be able to do.

  1. Do our skills start with a verb?
  2. Does the choice of verbs reflect appropriate proficiency levels found on Bloom’s taxonomy?
  3. Do the skills clearly say what students will know in order to demonstrate understanding of content?
  4. Do the skills align with state standards?
  5. Does the unit reflect a range of skills?

Assessment: The opportunities we provide students to demonstrate their understanding of content and the skills.

  1. Are these effective measures that students have acquired the key skills?
  2. Are these effective measures of student’s understandings of the big ideas or major concepts?
  3. Will the assessments produce something tangible that will truly measure students’ advancement with regards to skill and content?
  4. Are assessments varied?
  5. Is a copy of the actual assessment attached?

Resources: Materials we draw upon for our instruction.

  1. Do they allow for differentiated instruction (multiple tracks of learning)?
  2. Is it clear where to find the resources (if not an in-class textbook)?