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21st Century Project Based Learning

Day 1
The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.
by Mark Van Doren


Welcome & Introductions
Grant Goals & Objectives
Meet the 21st Century Learner
What is Project Based Learning?
What is Web 2.0?
Foundations of a Web 2.0 Classroom
Professional Learning Community
Planning a Project Based Unit
The Process
Technology in Design

Workshop Resources & Activities

I 21st Teaching & Learning

Please comment on these.
How do you feel? Does it change your opinion of your students?
What can you do to embrace change? Are you ready?

How long does your average student spend online?

Framework for 21st Century Learning
Essential 21st century skills include:
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

II What is Project-based Learning?

Brainstorm with Wordle

Project Based Learning ( PBL)is an approach to learning focusing on developing a product or creation. PBL is an instructional strategy that enables students to learn meaningful content and practice skills needed for 21st century success. If we are serious about reaching 21st century educational goals, PBL must be at the center of 21st century instruction. ( Buck Institute Of Education)

View: Project Learning: An Overview

Key Charact​eristics Of Project Based Learning
  • -Aligns with standards-based instruction
  • -Motivates students with real-world scenarios
  • -Focuses on meaningful and essential understanding
  • -Supports basic literacy skills and research
  • -Evaluates with authentic assessments
  • -Engages students of varying learning styles in purposeful collaboration
  • -Uses technology to prepare students for careers and higher education
  • -Produces teacher and student created content to be shared

Expectations for content learning – Appropriate content
- Essential ideas
-In-depth investigation
-Connected to real-life

21st Century Skills
Problem Solving
Communication Tools and Techniques
Information Tools and Techniques
Learning and Self-Management Tools and Techniques
Tools and Techniques for Working with Others

Review and share exemplary projects listed on the Edutopia and
Techscape PBL Center
How do they reflect, or fail to reflect, the key characteristics of PBL?
Do the projects effectively address important curricular goals?
Is student learning measurable?

Project Based Learning in Action:
Reinventing Project Based Learning
Project Based Learning

III**What is Web 2.0**

Library of Web 2.0 tools
Search the library for 2.0 tools that may interest you.
Reflect how this tool can be effective in the classroom
How does it incorporate 21st Century Skills?
What Web 2.0 tools can be used to replace traditional teaching styles? (example: Students can use a blog instead of a Journal book)
We hope you feel comfortable enough to Collaborate your answers to these questions by using our Google Form

IV Foundations of a Web 2.0 Classroom
1. Internet Safety & Privacy
2. Information Literacy
3. Digtial Citizenship
4. Collaborative Internet Activities
5. Web 2.0 Tools
Explore with Online Mapping Tools that allows you to collaborate

V Professional Learning Community
The term professional learning community describes a collegial group of administrators and school staff who are united in their commitment to student learning. They share a vision, work and learn collaboratively, visit and review other classrooms, and participate in decision making (Hord, 1997b). The benefits to the staff and students include a reduced isolation of teachers, better informed and committed teachers, and academic gains for students. Hord (1997b) notes, "As an organizational arrangement, the professional learning community is seen as a powerful staff-development approach and a potent strategy for school change and improvement."
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Partnership for 21st Century Skills
Teaching the 21st Century LearnerMeeting the learning needs and expectations of the 21st Century Learner.
21st Century Educational Technology and Learning A blog devoted to educators intent on infusing technology and 21st century education into the classroom.
Internet Realities
ISTE Standards
New York State Standards
**Wordle Tutorial**



Tool Kit:
Foundations of a Web 2.0 Classroom Part 1 -Building the educators Toolkit
Foundations Part 2
Foundations Part 3
Foundations Part 4
What makes a good project?