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Principals Leadership Institute

iLead Instructional Leadership Institute

The iLead Institute is designed to provide school leaders with the skills, knowledge and expertise to prepare their educational community for the 21st century. The iLead program prepares school-based instructional leaders to meet the needs, challenges and demands of the modern day educational environment by incorporating the latest information technology practices into their daily routines. This program recognizes the rewards of leading a 21st century school into the future by guiding them in promoting the effective integration of technology into their classrooms and provide them with the technology skills to view, manipulate and analyze data to better inform their decision making process.

Session One: Harness The Power Of Your Laptop As An Instructional Leadership Tool

The inaugural session of the iLead Institute focuses not only on getting participants comfortable with their devices, but also on how to unlock their full potential.

Session Two: Develop 21st Century Instructional Technology Skills To Enhance Leading & Learning

Provides principals with the ability to use 21st Century tools that will enhance leading and learning in their schools.
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Session Three: Instructional Technology Leadership In A 21st Century School

Provides principals with best practices for implementation of an instructional technology strategy. The cornerstone of this strand is the instruction technology action plan that sets clear expectations of all participants in the plan; provides on-going practices to make sure commitments are met and provide clear measures of success and areas for improvement.

Session Four: Data Driven Decision Making

Provides principals with the ability to collect, manipulate and synthesize data using a variety of electronic tools. Utilize data to inform administrative and instructional decisions.

Session Five: Using Mobile Technologies to Access and Deliver Professional Development and Student Content

Instructional leaders will explore how to use the iPod touch as an efficient method of delivering professional development and sharing instructional resources. They will explore the effectiveness of the touch as an any-time, any-where professional learning tool.