iLead for Administrators

This institute will bring together the most innovative instructional leaders who are exploring the practice and implementation of 21st century management and educational tools. During the Advanced iLead Institute you will enhance your skills, expand your awareness of the multiple levels of technology integration, plan for the sustainability of technology integration within your school, and share the academic and administrative rewards of leading a 21st century school.

Session 1: Five Stages of Technology Integration – How Far Have you Come?
Examine the five stages of technology integration and the essential tools to help you achieve them successfully. This session will be facilitated by Brian Mull, who works internationally to assist schools and districts to build robust and rigorous educational environments by tapping into today’s wealth of information and tools.

Session 2: Five Tools to Transform your School and Impact Student Learning on a Low Budget
Explore the most innovative tools to help enhance academic performance, empower teachers to upgrade their practices, and bring all educational partners to the table to assure a 21st century culture for learning --without breaking the bank!

Session 3: Five Essential Apps for Every Administrator
Investigate and plan for the use of five essentials Apps for every ipad administrator to assure you are able to communicate, collaborate, think critically about tech integration and create resources to support systemic improvement.